Arbor Day Poetry Contest

In honor of Arbor Day, the District holds the Annual Arbor Day Poetry Contest for Senior Citizens. The theme changes yearly. 

2017 Contest

Eighteen senior citizens penned poems for the ninth annual Arbor Day Poetry Contest hosted by the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District. Poets composed a five verse poem called a cinquain based on the theme 2017arbordaywinnerscollagetrees in nature.

“It has been totally awesome to watch this contest grow over the years,” said District Conservation Educator Caitlin Stewart. “The seniors just love the contest, and I am thrilled that 18 poets participated this year.”

Blind copies of the poems were ranked by special guest judge Kathy Stewart.

“This year's Arbor Day poetry selections were all 5 lines of joy, with a central theme the beauty of nature,” said Kathy Stewart. “Reading them transported me through all of the seasons - imagining ice dripping off of frozen branches, visualizing new leaves opening, or seeing, in my mind, the beautiful colors of fall in the Adirondacks. As always, everyone who participated is a winner to me!”

All poets who entered the contest received certificates of merit. Honorable mentions were awarded to Lois W. Kelley of Indian Lake, Pat Ryan of Piseco, Sue Kunzmann of Long Lake, and Pam Broiles of Wells.

Third place went to Shirley Traynor of Long Lake. Second Place was awarded to Bob Tice of Long Lake. Betsy Comeau of Long Lake received first place. The three overall winners received bundles of red osier dogwood seedlings and certificates.

Arbor Day was celebrated April 29.

The Winning Poem
Tree Yoga by Betsy Comeau

Breathe in…
Green embracing
Oxygen of living,
Nurturing Trees, Cleansing our Souls…
Breathe out…