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Hamilton County Envirothon

Since 1992, the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District has been hosting the Hamilton County Envirothon, an outdoor competition that gives high school students (9th-12th graders) the opportunity to utilize problem solving techniques, teamwork skills, and knowledge gained during study sessions to complete tests in 5 categories: Aquatics, Current Issue, Forestry, Soils, and Wildlife.

Students hike the nature trail and complete exams written and administered by conservation professionals in each of the 5 test categories. Exams are scored the day of the event, and certificates are distributed during the awards ceremony after lunch. The first place team from the Hamilton County Envirothon has the opportunity to compete at the New York State Envirothon.  The winner of the state competition will compete at the national event.

Students attending public and home schools are welcome to participate. Envirothon advisers organize student teams, hold study sessions, and are responsible for obtaining transportation to the Hamilton County and New York State events.

2017 Event


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Stop the Spread

You can help stop the spread of invasive species in Hamilton County and beyond.  

  • Clean all mud, plants, and animals from your trailer, watercraft, seaplane, gear, clothes, shoes, and pets.  Dispose of in the garbage or on dry land. 
  • Drain water from the livewell, bilge, motor, hull, and bait containers before leaving the launch. 
  • Dry boats, trailers, and gear for at least 5 days before launching into another water body.  Recommended dry times are found on the 100th Meridian Initiative website.    
  • Visit a boat inspection and decontamination station and have your watercraft checked for invasives and washed by a steward of the Paul Smith's Adirondack Watershed Institute.
  • Do not release live bait into water bodies.
  • Do not release former aquarium pets or plants into the wild.
  • Plant natives plants, not invasives.
  • Don't move firewood.  Green firewood may contain invasive insects.  Burn the wood where you buy it.
  • Monitor and manage invasives on your property or in your lake.
  • Survey for invasive species.
  • Report invasive species to your Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District.
  • Schedule an invasive species presentation for your organization or class. Presentations may be geared for any age group and can include an outdoor lab.

Invasive Insect Forest Surveying: a how to guide for emerald ash borer and Asian longhorned beetle


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The District’s accomplishments would not be possible without the support of the State of New York, Hamilton County, and FLLOWPA.